Illumination technology,
light years ahead

ELR or Equivalent LED Replacements - is focussed on producing premium LED products for commercial, retail and residential
applications. LED technology has flooded the market in recent years, but our products stand out from rest, surpassing the competition when it comes to quality, efficiency, brightness, colour and lifespan. ELR's design team are focussed on energy efficiency, easy installation and safety, creating LED technologies that are literally light years ahead.

Many LED manufacturers struggle to deliver matching performance and colour quality of existing traditional light sources, ELR has developed LED modules with innovative and patented technologies ensuring seamless transition to energy efficient alternatives.

All ELR light modules feature the following advantages:

- Surpass all brightness, colour, dispersion, lifespan and safety benchmarks
- Retain at least 70% of its performance after 50,000 hours
- Easily retro-fitted into most existing light fittings
- Compatible with conventional phase dimmers or DALI digital dimming systems
- ATePS™ advanced thermal protection system: keeping cool even under demanding and harsh environments
- Avoid fire hazards with ATePS™ management system
- Compliant with international standards
- Robust enough to come with worldwide warranty

Heat Sink Structure

All ELR LED modules feature a sophisticated and ultra-efficient heat sink structure. The patented design requires 50% less material than competitors, making the overall LED module lighter and more efficient. Each heat sink fin is manufactured from pure aluminium to maximise heat-conductivity without compromise. Our unique heat sink manufacturing method does not require casting or extruding of the aluminium, resulting in no thermal coefficient losses.

Passive Cooling

The shape and layout of ELR's innovative heat sink promotes passive, natural convection in a small form factor, eliminating the need for active fans or diaphragms; prone to wear and noise. This minimalistic approach ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

ATEPS™ -Automated Thermal Protection System

ATePS™ is an intelligent combination of superior LED engine materials, electronics and heat management firmware. The heart of ATePS™ is ELR's proprietary thermal feedback system. In the event of abnormally high ambient temperature conditions, ATePS™ actively regulates the LED engine temperature through algorithmic fine tuning without any user intervention, maintaining maximum possible light output without sacrificing the service life of the LED engine.

Colour options

ELR LED modules are available in four standard colour temperatures: warmer white with a CCT of 2800K; warm white with a CCT of 3000K; neutral white with a CCT of 4000K and cool white with a CCT of 5000K.

Colour Rendering Indexg

Colour rendition is important to ensure faithful representation of colours. All ELR LED modules offer an excellent colour rendering index (CRI) of Ra>80 for the Classic models, further increasing to Ra >85 for the Pro models and Ra>90 for the ProArt models.

ATEPS™ -Automated Thermal Protection System

ELR utilise customised LED binning techniques to ensure a tighter white colour balance between LED modules. Typical LED package binning features 4-step MacAdam ellipse techniques which produce significantly different colour tints between lamps of the same colour temperature. ELR's systematic approach, based on ANSI C78.377-2008 conventions, provides 2-step and 3-step MacAdam ellipse binning techniques for consistent whites and aesthetically pleasing installations.

Lumen Maintenance

ELR LED modules and fittings are manufactured using only the best LED packages. All LED packages selected for use in ELR LED modules are tested in accordance with IES LM-80-2008 ("LM-80") from accredited testing laboratories. The procedure for LM-80 involves continual measurement of the lumen maintenance for a minimum of 6000 hours. By only utilising LED packages that satisfy the requirements for lumen depreciation set out in LM-80, ELR are committing to providing the most reliable LED modules for use in our fittings.

Class Leading Efficiency

With a system efficiency of up to 87 lumens/watt including electronic driver, ELR fittings are significantly more efficient than conventional CFL/PLC luminaires; up to 70% when compared to a 2x26W equivalent. This excellent efficiency is achieved through precision design, high-grade materials and innovative technologies that are combined within the optical and thermal management system of all ELR fittings.

Greater Phase Dimming Compatibility

Some LED drivers have a single focus on efficiency. As a result they may become incompatible with modern dimming technology. ELR's approach is to not only develop class leading efficiency, but to ensure consistent and accurate, flicker-free dimming across all phase dimming methods. Dimming down to 1% is possible with certain phase dimmers.

Dual Mode Led Driver

With a vast variety of phase dimmers available on the market today, ELR implemented a unique dual-mode feature into the LED driver. This dual-mode feature provides greater compatibility with a wider range of phase dimmers.

Greater Phase Dimming Compatibility

  • Highest efficiency
  • Compatible with high-end dimmers featuring good EMI suppression
  • Ideal for universal and trailing edge type phase dimmers

Greater Phase Dimming Compatibility

  • Increased phase dimmer compatibility
  • Ideal for leading edge type phase dimmers


High quality optical systems are essential in providing accurate light distribution, chromatic correction performance and maximising luminous efficacy. Optics used in all ELR LED modules are manufactured from premium grade PMMA or polycarbonate polymers offering exceptional performance without degradation over the life of the component.

Covering All Angles

A range of beam angles are available for ELR LED modules providing the correct illumination for a wide variety of applications. ELR's downlight range feature rotationally symmetrical light distribution providing excellent uniformity. Asymmetrical and light-bending optics are available for wall-washing applications.

Affordable & Flexible

ELR understand today's demands for professional LED lighting. Clients around the world are aware of the benefits of LED-based alternative lighting. The investment cost of this technology is now within most companies' budgets, and the return on investment period is much faster and sensible than ever before.

Meets International Standards

ELR have developed each product to address the challenge of proposing and installing new LED lighting, for both you and your clients. That is why ELR products come packaged with an unprecedented amount of R&D, testing, certifications and warranty. ELR products give you the latest in LED technology, and our technical team of engineers and designers are using that technology to bring to you the best that money can buy: the ELR range.

A) Intelligent Automated Soldering System

The weakness for many LED systems lies in the assembly of the solder joints. LED printed circuit boards usually use highly thermal efficient materials, therefore achieving the required heat build-up for good soldering results is difficult and inconsistent. ELR eliminate this via an intelligent automated soldering system.

B) Premium Led Chips

ELR use only premium quality LED chips offering the highest luminous efficacy, CRI and lumen maintenance. The LED chip packages used in all ELR products are tested in accordance with IES LM-80.

C) Superior Colour Consistency

Our systematic LED selection process ensures the most consistent and warmest colours possible in the industry.

D) Ateps™ Thermal Management

ELR's patented ATePSTM technology offers a lightweight yet highly efficient heat sink coupled with autonomous electronic thermal management. Even in challenging environments, ATePSTM ensures safe operating temperatures, prolonged life and maximum light output.

Deep-Dimming Experience

Users now can experience the same dimming feel as halogen or incandescent lighting, with smooth, flicker free dimming down to 1%*.

Elr Drivers, Dimmable

Support for leading edge, trailing edge phase dimming, and Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI).